Crossing lines.

Blurring lines.

Why are there? Boundaries.

Did you put them there?

For I didn’t.

And would not. Fear. Your presence.

For I am. And you are.

Safe. Within these.


Copyright © whoisannawatts 2014

hybrid (reprise)

How do you do it? Asks the android. Survive.

I don’t. Says she. I barely do.

You can’t. He observes. No one is human. Anymore. Love. Does not exist.

Hope. Heart. Love. She sighs.

You have to give up. He states. You are the last. Mortal.

Am I a warrior? She asks. Who fights. A losing battle.

The only way. To survive. He states. Is to become. An android.

I know. She sighs. But I am. I have transcended.

Ahh. He observes. You think you have. But love lives strong. Inside you. There is no time nor place. For love.

I know. I see it. Everywhere. She replies. And it breaks. My heart.

Heart. He chuckles. Your heart. Betrays you.

No. She says. But there are no more. Believers.

So why fight it? He asks. You must. It is the only way.

I can’t. She chokes. Love exists. Hope lives.

Love. Hope. He smirks. You said so yourself. You have transcended. So why speak this rubbish? Renounce your right as a mortal. Join us.

I can be both. She compromises. Think like an android. Love like a mortal.

A hybrid? He smirks. Pauses. That could work.

Yes. It could. She nods. Would that be. Enough.

Very well, then. He concedes. For now.

Thank you. She bows.

Face it, child. He states. It is your destiny. You will thank us for this, hybrid.

Copyright © whoisannawatts 2014


Who are you. And what do you do? He asked.

I am she. Who loves. She replied. And nothing else.

How can that be? Asked he. Nothing else.

Have you ever loved? An all-consuming bite-your-lip leave-you-breathless love? Said she. Leave the world behind. You would want for nothing more.

I don’t believe you. He replied. A love exists not. Like that.

Then you have not loved. My dear. Sighed she. How very sad. For you.

Copyright © whoisannawatts 2014

great expectations

Expectations. Are a funny thing.

An expectation. Creeps up on you.

When you least expect it.


An expectation.

Usurps logic. Taints rationale.

Hijacks happiness.

Turns you. Against them.

And them. Against you.

To manage an expectation.

Is to still the mind. The heart. The desire. For something else.

To stay a feeling. And nip it. In the bud.

But to do so. Kills a right. To be human.

To have. To hold. To be.


To exercise a right.

To want.

Great expectations.

But you. And no one else. Deserve it.

So go on. Warrant your right.

To great expectations.

For you. Have only one life.

When do you start. To live it.

Not for others. But for you.

Copyright © whoisannawatts 2014


I hear your words. As you speak.

Excuses. Of stories. You concoct. For this. Or that. Or any other.

I see your words. As you voice them.


As they bounce. Off the walls. As they hit. Across the room.

I never even. Heard you say. The words. You think. I want to hear.

I don’t.

For they came not. From your heart.

So save them. For someone. Who will believe you.

For I don’t. Buy.

Your stories. Excuses. Attempts at words.

So what of them. They are nothing.

Just syllables. Of alphabets. Bunched together. To form squiggles. Of sounds.

That come across.


As your stories.

As your excuses.

As your heart.

Copyright © whoisannawatts 2014

the romantic dreamer

Forgive me. While I.

Dream a little dream.

Of you and me.

While you. Crush my hopes.

To the ground.

You cynical. Rational. Realist.

Beat my heart. For love.

For you. For me. For life.

While you. Scoff at. The possibility.

Of hope.

And I. Will not.

Bow down. Succumb. Surrender.

To your. Jaded green heart.

So forgive me. As I dream. With my.

Romantic blood red heart.

For love.

For you. For me.

For life.

Copyright © whoisannawatts 2014


Good morning. My love.

The sun is rising.

Shadows of curves. Across the room.

Kisses on skin. As morning looms.

Warm. Delicious. Luxurious.

Cinnamon spice. Scented sighs. Sandalwood in the air.

Feathery light. Touch.

Open wide. Those beautiful blue eyes.

And stir. Loins aching.

Free your heart.

And give love. Completely.

Face the dawn.

Hello. Sunshine.

Sweetness is mine.

Copyright © whoisannawatts 2014


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