I hear your words. As you speak.

Excuses. Of stories. You concoct. For this. Or that. Or any other.

I see your words. As you voice them.


As they bounce. Off the walls. As they hit. Across the room.

I never even. Heard you say. The words. You think. I want to hear.

I don’t.

For they came not. From your heart.

So save them. For someone. Who will believe you.

For I don’t. Buy.

Your stories. Excuses. Attempts at words.

So what of them. They are nothing.

Just syllables. Of alphabets. Bunched together. To form squiggles. Of sounds.

That come across.


As your stories.

As your excuses.

As your heart.

Copyright © whoisannawatts 2014

the romantic dreamer

Forgive me. While I.

Dream a little dream.

Of you and me.

While you. Crush my hopes.

To the ground.

You cynical. Rational. Realist.

Beat my heart. For love.

For you. For me. For life.

While you. Scoff at. The possibility.

Of hope.

And I. Will not.

Bow down. Succumb. Surrender.

To your. Jaded green heart.

So forgive me. As I dream. With my.

Romantic blood red heart.

For love.

For you. For me.

For life.

Copyright © whoisannawatts 2014


Good morning. My love.

The sun is rising.

Shadows of curves. Across the room.

Kisses on skin. As morning looms.

Warm. Delicious. Luxurious.

Cinnamon spice. Scented sighs. Sandalwood in the air.

Feathery light. Touch.

Open wide. Those beautiful blue eyes.

And stir. Loins aching.

Free your heart.

And give love. Completely.

Face the dawn.

Hello. Sunshine.

Sweetness is mine.

Copyright © whoisannawatts 2014


Hello. Little girl. Said the wolf.

Hello. Said she. Adjusted her red hood.

You look cold. Observed the wolf. Smirk in his smile.

I am not. She replied. Voice firm. Strong.

What brings you here today? Asked the wolf.

I need to cross the forest. She said. But you are in my way. Please step aside.

I will eat you. Snapped his teeth. If you come closer.

She gasped. Eyes wide.

So come closer. Said the wolf. If you dare.

Despite herself. She inched. Closer.

Closer. Snarled the wolf.

Curious. Undaunted. She moved. Closer still.

The wolf takes a bite of her.

What are you doing? Asks Little Red.

I’m eating you. Snarled the wolf. I told you.

That doesn’t make it right. Said she.

I’m sorry. The wolf smirked. Did you misunderstand? I told you I would. It’s your fault. You got hurt.

I don’t think so. Says Little Red. That doesn’t give you. The right.

She turns. Snaps at his flesh. Bites.

The wolf is surprised. What are you doing?

I’m biting back. Snarls Little Red. Take your disclaimer. And go to hell.

Copyright © whoisannawatts 2014


You lost your heart. Somewhere across. The Indian Ocean.

Somewhere between. His stories. And your dreams.

Somewhere hidden. Where no one can find it.

And then you returned. To a land. You can never call home.

To a man. Who never had you.

To a place. That seems familiar. But unreal. To your existence.

And then a stranger said. Go to Istanbul. Or Morocco. Or the moon.

And another told you to. Head to New York.

And find your heart. Little one.

For this has been. Your odyssey. All these lifetimes.

But where she is.

Is right there on the horizon. Of his love. That never existed.

That never became truth.

That never was.

And here you are. With a severe case. Of wanderlust.

A nomad lost.

In love. With the mystery. Of life. That never lived. Of roads. Untraveled.

Searching for. Love.

On a journey. With no end.

Copyright © whoisannawatts 2014

the first

That first smile.

I wish I could take it back. To that.

Beautiful first moment.

When our eyes. First gazed.

And hearts felt that first. Flutter.

Sensory. Sensuous. First.


Before hello.

Before we met. And liked each other.

When things were simpler.

Before the world. Threw their spin on it. Hate. Aggression. Expectation.

Before we even knew. That love existed. Between us. Or didn’t. As the case may be.

Before we harnessed. The energy. And corrupted it. With hope.

The first. Look.

That first. Smile.

When you recognized. Me.

And I you.

To be. A threat to the sanity.

Before the world spun.

Before you.

Before me.

Sensory. Sensuous. First.

Copyright © whoisannawatts 2014


Warm sun. On my. Bare shoulders.

Glinting. In your. Cognac eyes. Gazed on me.

And there we were.

Sitting. By the river. Drinking coffee. Lost. To the world. Around us.

Heady with the thought. Of running away.

To a moment where. The moon danced. In her castle. In the sky.

And the stars. Were the fireflies. In my world. In my mind.

And the smoke. From your cigarette. Wafts a hazy mystical fog. Blurring out the world.

As you smile. Your lazy smile. On me.

While they gaze. On us. And the beauty of. Our being.

And there was you. And there was me.

Two souls connecting. Hearts and minds.

In a magical state.

And there was you.

Drunk. From sleep deprivation.

Drunk. From the sun’s warm sensation.

Drunk. From my perfume.

And there was I.

Drunk on coffee.

Drunk on life.


On your love.

Was I.

Copyright © whoisannawatts 2014


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