My heart.

Hurtles like an avalanche.

Towards yours.

My mind.

Drifts like the snow.

In the winds.

To thoughts of you.

My soul.

Collides into yours.

Like a bullet train.

And then we are.


Copyright © whoisannawatts 2014

the grand design

My love, did you think it was the end when you left?

But returned.

And did you think it was finished when I said goodbye?

Though I will not. Yet here I am.

Forgiven. Forgiving.

Surprising myself.

Had you not read the signs?

Of our paths interlocking through distance. Space. Time.

A journey.

As lifetimes before.

And you are. An etching in my destiny.

A tattoo across my heart.

A beat within my rhythm.

As I am. Embedded in your mind.

A chapter in your story.

A brick in your foundation.

And it will be.

As is written.

In the grand design.

Copyright © whoisannawatts 2014


I love you.

She said.

But if I stay. You’d ruin me.

And I can’t let you do that.

So I will. She continued. Let you go.

I have no choice.

She sighed.

For I need to love. Myself more.

Than you ever possibly could.

Or cared for.

For you will always. Love yourself more.

So I’ll take a page. Out of your book.

Learn that lesson. From you.

And love me. As you never would.

And leave.

Like you did.

Like you do.

But love you still.

And always.

But remain.

Detached. Like you.

Copyright © whoisannawatts 2014

the night I met fabio

It all started with.

A look. From across the room.

Even before you’d made your presence known.

Turning heads. As you do.

And you did.

But eyes coy. Continue to seek each other out.

Only each other.

A look. A smile. A heartbeat.

Soft light plays on. Chiseled blond features. Engaging blue eyes.

A marked decision. All in stride.

Saunters over to you.

Towers over you. All six feet three. Broad shoulders. Long legs.

Brazilian. German. Model. Architect.

Charming. Confident. Amiable.

Then a smile. Oh, the smile.

Like a script from the pages of a movie.

And that formulaic meet-cute.

As the background fades. There is only you.

Hello. My name is Fabio.

Giggles. Genuine smiles.

I’m sorry. Did you say your name is?

Of course it is.

For these things.

Could only happen. To you.

Copyright © whoisannawatts 2014


The silhouette of your heart casts a shadow over mine.

Ironic. I never knew you had one.

Or if you did. You never showed it to me.

And the world was none the wiser.

But a contradiction of all that is. Was.

So I believed.

For your heart would speak its silent words. Through the little things that were.

Real. Or not. They were.

For you would never let me go.

Nor would I. You.

But parting inevitably. Eventually. For nothing lasts forever.

And I’d beg the angels to understand. The madness that is.

But they don’t. Nor do I.

So for now. The etchings of memories that scratch across my mind. That tarnish the reality of your absence.

That leave me wanting.

The silhouette of you. Of me.

Of us.

Copyright © whoisannawatts 2014

the game of love

Rule number one.

Travel light.

No baggage. Not emotional. Spiritual. Mental. Physical.

Rule number two.

Don’t stand in the way of love. Or freedom.

Rule number three.

Force nothing. Regret nothing.

And the most important rule of all.

There are no rules.

The weak get their hearts broken.

And the strong never actually win.

Copyright © whoisannawatts 2014


You can’t have roots and wings. He said.

Then I’d rather have wings. She said. To go where my heart leads.

If you think you can have roots and wings. He reasoned. You’re a fool.

I know. She said. He tried to make me grow roots. But you can’t.

No. He shakes his head. You can’t.

Have you seen a tree with wings? He asked. Or a bird with roots?

No. But I was his caged bird. She sighed. And it made no sense.

The bird looks for the tree. He stated. The tree does not look for the bird.

Yes. She said. You’re right. So I chose. To honor my heart. And be the free spirit. To fly free.

Child, go be with one with wings. He said. And he will honor your purpose.

And so I will. She nodded. So I will.

Copyright © whoisannawatts 2014


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