Perhaps there’s nothing left to say.

Perhaps we talked. Until the sun came up. Until the cows came home.

But never put things into action.

Perhaps you never meant to. Mean a word you said.

Perhaps we killed it. All too soon.

Perhaps it was everything. The sun. The stars. The moon.

Or perhaps it was all nothing.

But perhaps you gave up on me.

And I on you.


Perhaps this is a lesson learnt.

Perhaps the silence says it all.

And after all. That’s said and done.

Perhaps it was never meant to be.

Copyright © whoisannawatts 2014

honey kisses

Honey glazed. Strawberry lips.

Touch his.

Cinnamon dusted. Sugar lips.

Touch yours.


Kisses like you haven’t. Seen each other in years.

Kisses like you won’t. See each other for lifetimes.

Oblivious to the world. Spinning around you.

In circles. Beyond your realm.

Orbit. Around and hover.

Existing. As a continuum.

But time stills. As you.

Taste sweet lips.

Hungry for you.

Hungry for your.

Honey kisses.

Copyright © whoisannawatts 2014


Leave your senses.

Nothing else matters.

For I just want to. Breathe you in.

And bask. In your energy. And you in mine.

Burn your flames. Across my tattooed heart.

Mark your etchings. In my book of verses.

Let them remember. When our souls met. Again. In this lifetime.

Chisel your lines. Into the stones. Of time.

Write our stories. Into the universe. So the stars can. Burn off their brilliance.

Our destinies. Entwined.

And free fall. Down the white cliffs. Of Dover.

Then spread your wings. And fly. Like Pegasus. Against the sun.

Run bare feet. Across the evergreen. Elysian fields.

So breathe. With the gods. My love.

This free fall is.


Copyright © whoisannawatts 2014

wrong way go back

All these years.

They’ve told you.

The way you love.

Is wrong.

Is not right.

Does not fit.

The place. The time. The role.

Their hearts.

Unnatural. In your. Attempt to be.


Are you. Lost.

Are they. Found.

Or are you. Found.

And them. Lost.

And all this while.

You have loved.

The wrong way.

So go back. Around.

And start again.

Copyright © whoisannawatts 2014

north star

Dear north star.

As I lay my feet to ground.

And the land lays quiet not a sound.

Watch the sun on its path to the horizon.

Dipping. As night falls over fellow denizens.

And you burn bright.

My beacon. My guiding light.

I pray you guide my soul to fly.

To never stop. To always try.

Come wind or rain or hail or shine.

My intuition. Within. My guide divine.

Beloved compass. My north star.

Watch over me safe. Near or far.

Until you guide me home to him.

Shine your light. Don’t ever dim.

Internal wisdom. Sway me from sin.

My dear north star. That lies within.

Copyright © whoisannawatts 2014

sea of tranquility

I wish I could run away.

To another place and time.

Where you are you. And I am me.

And you were mine.

And though it were. Nought but truth.

Rules that hold us back. Separate. You and me.

Would I be thine?

Or maybe not.

For they stood. On the sidelines. And called out.

And I heard them. And their voices. Scared me half to death. Before I even took that chance.

But you believed. And then you stayed.

And held my hand.

So shut the voices. The screaming. The judgment.

And show me.

That in the silence. Is a beauty. Of love.

That could exist. As I believed. Once upon a time.

Then let it be. Just us two.

And it would be. Sublime.

For if I could. I would leap.


And completely. Ocean deep.

Into your sea of tranquility.

Copyright © whoisannawatts 2014

rocket clock

Twelve o’clock. On the rocket clock.

Tick tock.

Time to fly. Got your ticket to ride.

Flip side.

Baby girl. Step into my world.

I’ll show you mine. If you show me yours.

Sexy boy. Brand new little toy.

Lick your sugar lips. Sway those hips.

Cinnamon spice. A little slice.

Vanilla heaven. Cocoa butter skin.

Honey love. Babe of sin. Let’s spin.

Feel that rhythm. Beat your heart.

Don’t stop.

Trip out.

Scream the walls down.

Guess what?

It’s twelve o’clock.

Time to.


Copyright © whoisannawatts 2014


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