I saw a glimpse. Of a ghost.

In the city.

He walked. Right past me. Then disappeared.

Into the crowd.

Days later. There he was. Again.

In another face. And some other soul.

Who sauntered.

Across the street. Before me.

And then again. In the sweetness of an angel. In a cafe. Peak hour morning coffee rush. Words exchanged. Hearts melt.

Then a trace of a ghost. Essence lingering. In a smile. On a crowded train.

Ghosts of you. Everywhere.

In strangers.

Haunting me.

Copyright © whoisannawatts 2014

primal love


Copyright © whoisannawatts 2014


I thought of you. Today.

Random chapters.

The way your hair fell. Into the blue of your eyes. That afternoon I encountered you. In the park.

And you caught. The vulnerability of an open heart.

Your smile. At my discovery of the sweetness. Of mangoes on lips. Dusted icing sugar.

And though none of it spoke rationale. For I am me. And you are you. And we are two worlds apart. I found myself drawn. And I sense you were, too.

So now as I lay. In the quiet breeze. And the sun streams light. Across the dim of the room. Like jellyfish tendrils.

I plunge. Into an ocean of hope. Ridiculous hope.

From whence you first said. Be not afraid. So I moved closer.

And then it all vaporized. Into nothingness.

Copyright © whoisannawatts 2014

the enigmatic stranger

Had we not met. I would have missed you. Still.

Your fluid. Disposition.

Remembering a glimpse. Of a memory. Eye squint. Against the light. A smile.

Upon a Summer’s day. When we first spoke.

Of strawberries. And sun. And the madmen who run.

And you.

Cascade your words. So they flow. Over me. Comforting. Like a hand. On the small of my back.

And the wind. On my bare neck. Caressing. Ever so softly. A whisper of your intrigue.

And the lazy buzz. Of a Summer fruitfly. Droning. Hypnotic. Lulling dreamy sleep.

As the air. Stills. Calms. In your presence.

And I.

I took the stars out of the sky. My love. Put them in a jar. For you.

Captured Orion’s Belt. In the palm of my hands. To you. A gift.

And they called me. Selfish. Mercurial. Fool.

Yet pardoned my naivety. As I.

Darkened the sky. An indigo blue.

For you.

As the breeze. Rolled the clouds. South.

And perhaps. Another time. And place. We once were.

With not trepidation.

Leapt. Like lovers. Smitten under Cupid’s arrow.

But not today.

Copyright © whoisannawatts 2014



Palpable. Deafening. Silence.

As they hollow the ground.

Excavate and dig.

Then pour the concrete.

And build their vision.

Whence you will return. To claim the rest. Of your commission.

Come settlement date.

Years from now.

And your. Empty promises. Six feet under. Buried. And forgotten.

Embrace the silence.

Of your exit.


Copyright © whoisannawatts 2014

angel of johnston

May I bask in your glory? Angel of Johnston.

Dare I ask.


Lay down my sword. And breathe in your light.

Pure. Fluid. Divine.

Humbled. Am I.

By your golden smile.

May you please.

Wash your energy. Over me.

Like water.

Beautiful for a moment.


Though I dread. To break the surface. Drown in your depth. Cry rivers of ache.

Pent up. Unbeknownst.

Even to me.

In thick green bottles. Sitting on a rickety wooden shelf. Hinges rusted. Brown with age.


So lay with me. Languid in the sun.

And nothing more.

Unbridle my heart. Lord of light.

Take a deep breath.

With me.

For I am.


And sublime.

In your.

Pure. Fluid. Divine.


Copyright © whoisannawatts 2014

the boy who cried wolf

I’m not the boy who cried wolf. He said.

I’m not the one who said.


Or let’s not.

Or be.

But don’t be.

I didn’t imply. We should.

Or shouldn’t.

As the case may be.

I only do. What I do. He said.

I say. Speak. Utter. Voice.

But your behavior. She said. Is my reality.

But my intention. He said. Was not. Is not. Never has been.

So don’t cage me. Said he. For I am not. Like the others.

And she looked at him.

And said.

Oh but you are.


But you are.

Copyright © whoisannawatts 2014


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