A soul connects with a soul.
In some cosmic twist of fate.
So begins a seduction bold.
A curiosity to satiate.

Where one believes. But not the other.
Of metaphysical connections.
And so agrees to love a lover.
And bond with pure intentions.

So flesh to flesh and skin on skin.
As air and earth collide.
And perceptions move from deep within.
Until lust eventually subsides.

But love is love though unconditional.
Love is though not blind.
Where vessels meet. But while not functional.
For solace both shall find.

Love. A tiny four letter word.
Possessing infinite power.
Is shelved as completely absurd.
Before sweetness becomes sour.

And when you leave. For the snow.
When birds fly south for sun.
I’ll bask in the memory of your glow.
As if time had just begun.

I’ll pray to the gods who crossed our paths.
And believed in this, our unity.
Regardless of the aftermath
That our goodbyes would be.


Copyright © whoisannawatts 2017


These are the moments.
The best moments.
Pleasure perfect. And pure.

So sweet. The taste.
Of light. Pure light.
On the tip of your tongue.

Delicious shimmer.
Sparkling through.
Bubbling like champagne.

Savor true. Every moment.
On the precipice.
Of the jump.

Giggles and hearts a flutter.
In anticipation. Of a touch.

Before skin on skin. Graze. And laze.
Pulsate. Lubricate. Procreate.

And the innocence of the moment.
Is lost.

Copyright © whoisannawatts 2017


Did you ever think?
You could ever.
Build. And forge.
A bond so strong.
Within a heartbeat.
Of heartbeats.

To taste.
A burst of citrus. On your tongue.
Zesty fresh sweetness.
Bite of spice.
Warm infused. Tastebuds.

To feel.
Lush. Mellow.
Explosive. Beams of sunshine.
Lace. Warm infused. Skin.

To be.
A driving force.
Present. In the presence of. His presence.
Warm infused. Soul.

And survive.
The seduction of.
A ginger wolverine.

Copyright © whoisannawatts 2017

the miracle

They’ll tell you.
That chasing a dream.
Is the most ridiculous thing.
You ever do.

I’ll tell you.
That chasing a dream.
Is the most rewarding thing.
You ever do.

And if our dreams collide.
I’ll tell you.
It’s time to believe.
In miracles.

For that. Which is what you are.
My miracle.

So what will you do?
My love.

Copyright © whoisannawatts 2017

odyssey or stay (reprise ii)

He. Bailed. When he said. I am not afraid.

He. Betrayed. His heart. Sabotaged. His courage. To stay.

He. Ran. When he thought. You were the flight risk.

He. Was warrior strong. Or so you thought. Who loved like you love.

He. Was not a man. Of his word. Empty as a heartless vessel.

You. Pour your heart. Soul. And hope. Insurmountable immeasurable amount of hope.

You. Are queen. Regal in strength. To love a love that moves mountains.

So let him. Break you. Hurt you. Bleed you. Then resurrect. To love stronger.

For yesterday you were. Broken. You allowed yourself to break. Completely. To deal with the pain.

Today you are. Stronger.

For some days we are. Gods.
And other days. Mere mortals.
Who write. About a random incident. Called Odyssey.

Copyright © whoisannawatts 2017

stay (reprise)

You were not. The girl. For mothers. To mother.

You were. The transition. The love affair. The other.

You know exactly how to lure them in. Sway of hips. Lick of lips. All the right words. Handful of sin.

But you don’t. Make them.


You were. The midnight girl. Thief of hearts. Karma’s best friend.

Wild of heart. Free of soul.

Until he said. Stay.

So let him love you. And he will. Love you. Love your soul.

And you will learn how to make him. Stay.

And hope.

Just be.

And you will stay.

So go ahead. Learn to accept. Your right to love.

Don’t push away. Or run away.


Copyright © whoisannawatts 2017


I don’t know where. You are. 

Or who you are. Anymore. 

But here. I am. 


Sans you. 

In. And out. 


Out. And in. 

And I don’t think. I ever stopped. 


You. Or anyone. 

Or me. 

So breathe. 

Here. With me. 

Copyright © whoisannawatts 2017

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