the kitty kat and the general

Lovers. Friends.

Comrade. Confidante. Confidant.


Quiet mornings. As the world sleeps.

Pitter patter rain. Outside your window.

Egyptian thread count sheets. Hug limbs. Entwined with limbs.

Tender. Sweet. Dirty. Lovin’.

Gentle. Kind. Lustful. Giving.

Light. And shade.

Smoldering looks. Bedroom eyes.

Nocturnal screams. Dreamy sighs.

Goddess. Princess. Feline Highness.

Purrs and moans. Licks lips.

Long languid lean lithe lissome lines. Limbs entwined.

And the world outside. Spins.

Giggles under pink. And green. Umbrellas.

The playful little kitty kat. And her general.

Copyright © whoisannawatts 2015

american angel

Golden boy. Heart of gold. Baby blues.

Water bearer. Heartbreaker. Troublemaker.

Funny how. Time stops. When you least expect it.

Moments. That make you smile.

City skyline.

Cherry kisses.

Gold. Croons Chet Faker.

Chevy through. Lincoln Tunnel. Crossing states. Dreamy dates.

Grab that girl.

Hearts aflutter.

4am. Times Square. Truth or dare.

Serendipity. Has a funny way. Of crossing paths. Meant to cross.

Over time and space. Gone.

So bask you shall.

Briefly thus. Under wings.

Of an American angel.

Copyright © whoisannawatts 2015

the dark horse

Now here’s a little secret.

Unspoken for.

An unexpected collision.

To. Awaken the little beast.

So the kitty kat. Purrs.

Dreams made of. Cotton candy. Unicorns.

And everything in between.

So leap.

Jump. Take flight.

The dark horse. Cometh.

Copyright © whoisannawatts 2015

logic less

Beat thy heart across the universe. Across a space and time. Continuum.

Because it makes no sense.

And you can’t explain. Clarify. Justify. How a piece of paper. So perfect. Makes no sense. To a heart. That beats a rebel beat. No sense.

Because it is. Logic less.

So chase a dream. Beyond recognition. Of a mind that seeks. Some form of tradition. Security. Safety net.

But the happiness is in the free fall.

So let be.

And laugh about the chance you dare to take. If chance came knocking on your door. If fate could twist her cheeky ways. And tempt you with her smile. You’d jump within a moment’s bliss.

Without a thought.

Even though it is. Logic less.

Copyright © whoisannawatts 2015

jet lagged heart

Count the hours. Days. Weeks.

Time ticking down til the moment.

Plane tickets. Calendar days. Airports. Suitcases. Borrowed time.

Fly in.

Stop the clock. Cram months into weeks. Weeks into days. Days into hours.

Turn madness into sanity.

Fly out.

And breathe. Thy jet lagged heart.

Copyright © whoisannawatts 2015


So here we are.

Nine years in the making.

And you find yourself. In a twist of the script.

That they wrote.

That you live. For you have become.


And he is you.

But he is not him.

So the gods have gifted you. And you accept. The head knows. This is what it is.

And it is good. Oh so beautiful good.

But the heart.

The heart.

Bleeds. Numb.

Come on, now.

Believe that this is.

What it is.

Oh so beautiful good.

For now.


Grey steed. Named Mercedes.

Cruising down. The coast. Sunset orange. Coral pinks. Blue skies.

Sunday suit. Charcoal grey. Heart of gold. Yours.

Skintight. Little black dress. Legs for days. Mine.

Pink roses. Baileys on ice. Chanel on my skin.

Bass beats the speakers down.

Sensual tones. Tinashe. Tells the story. Of Aquarius.

Feels like Vegas don’t it. She sings. So we spin.

Flashing lights. City streets. Indigo skies.

Mercedes engine. Purring through the night.

Light in. Your green eyes. Fixed on me.

On me.

Watch them. Watching us.

Pout those lips. Feel that energy.

A higher vibration.

A life less. Ordinary.

Copyright © whoisannawatts 2015


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