Grey steed. Named Mercedes.

Cruising down. The coast. Sunset orange. Coral pinks. Blue skies.

Sunday suit. Charcoal grey. Heart of gold. Yours.

Skintight. Little black dress. Legs for days. Mine.

Pink roses. Baileys on ice. Chanel on my skin.

Bass beats the speakers down.

Sensual tones. Tinashe. Tells the story. Of Aquarius.

Feels like Vegas don’t it. She sings. So we spin.

Flashing lights. City streets. Indigo skies.

Mercedes engine. Purring through the night.

Light in. Your green eyes. Fixed on me.

On me.

Watch them. Watching us.

Pout those lips. Feel that energy.

A higher vibration.

A life less. Ordinary.

Copyright © whoisannawatts 2015

the shameless dreamer


Stand on the edge of the precipice. Waiting for.

Butterflies. Fireworks.

And jump. You will.

Spread your wings. And soar. Not fall.

Let the sharp intake of breath smear your heart. With lust.

Fill through your body at the presence. Of him.

With the essence. Of love.

Nothing less.

Looking at the world. Through the eyes of a child. In a foreign land.

Innocence not lost.

Turn your world around. Upside down. Spin it about.

And have it. No other way. Will you.

Fear not. The break of heart. The bleed. The massacre. To Mars. And back. Dragged.

Loved. Lived. Died.


Nor will they understand. The reasons. Behind the madness.

That drives the very soul of.

The shameless dreamer.

Copyright © whoisannawatts 2015

the dark knight

Well, look at you.

Three piece suit. Hair slicked back. Designer beard. Confident swagger. Inner city loft. American Mustang.

Tall. Dark. Handsome.

Mysterious. Suave. Risk taker. Mover and shaker.

Paths crossing out of norm. Yours and mine.

We took a chance. You and I.

Well, isn’t this. A surprise.

An unlikely candidate. But contender nonetheless. Somehow.

An unexpected. Gift from the gods.

And happiness is a state of bliss. That the discontent know not the verdict of.

But I. Am privileged.

And you. Leave me wanting. Not for more.

And all the warriors. Fall to their knees.

For I am. Your Queen.

And you are. The dark knight. Come home.

Copyright © whoisannawatts 2015


Wake up little one. This is.

Not a dream.

Say hello to.

The demons. Lurking. Have been waiting.

And now they pounce.

Fast forward little one.

Not erase. Reset. Or rewind.

Distortions of reality. Soul numbing twists. Of fate.

Days melt into each other.

Save your sanity. Little one.

This is no time to.


Numb. In a nightmare.

Copyright © whoisannawatts 2015


I asked the gods to shoot for you a star across the constellations.

They said to me no other love had made such a grand suggestion.

But dreamers do what dreamers do to gain a cold heart’s affection.

And lovers walk the plank of death to find that love’s attention.

To seek but once if not at all some kind of formal declaration.

For love once freed can hardly be contained beyond redemption.

So hearts now beg to seek once more a form of absolution.

Immortal gods please heed a simple mortal supplication.

To restore the faith lost somewhere in life’s wicked translation.

Yield mercy to grant a wish for love’s bittersweet resurrection.

And strengthen bonds of two glorious karmic cosmic soul collisions.

To gift again a fairytale beyond the wildest imagination.

But until then a requiem to soothe a heart’s quiet desolation.

Copyright © whoisannawatts 2015

the wish

I wish that we would collide once more. So we could see.

The miracle of that collision. If there was nothing left. Or anything more.

Of you. Of me.

Of us.

Copyright © whoisannawatts 2015

the magpie

For years they wondered how. You knew.

And then a magpie. Appeared in her dream. And she learnt of the way. They spoke to you.

Sent a message through. That they could not get to you.

Reach your heart. Tainted energy by another lower lesser mortal. That night.

And via her. Spoke to you.

Tis not him. Said she. There is nought left.

A young spirit. Tis yours.

And has been destined.

With no karmic agenda.

So have faith.

For they will never.


But you do. And that. Is all that matters.

Is enough.

Copyright © whoisannawatts 2015


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