odyssey or stay (reprise ii)

He. Bailed. When he said. I am not afraid.

He. Betrayed. His heart. Sabotaged. His courage. To stay.

He. Ran. When he thought. You were the flight risk.

He. Was warrior strong. Or so you thought. Who loved like you love.

He. Was not a man. Of his word. Empty as a heartless vessel.

You. Pour your heart. Soul. And hope. Insurmountable immeasurable amount of hope.

You. Are queen. Regal in strength. To love a love that moves mountains.

So let him. Break you. Hurt you. Bleed you. Then resurrect. To love stronger.

For yesterday you were. Broken. You allowed yourself to break. Completely. To deal with the pain.

Today you are. Stronger.

For some days we are. Gods.
And other days. Mere mortals.
Who write. About a random incident. Called Odyssey.

Copyright © whoisannawatts 2017

stay (reprise)

You were not. The girl. For mothers. To mother.

You were. The transition. The love affair. The other.

You know exactly how to lure them in. Sway of hips. Lick of lips. All the right words. Handful of sin.

But you don’t. Make them.


You were. The midnight girl. Thief of hearts. Karma’s best friend.

Wild of heart. Free of soul.

Until he said. Stay.

So let him love you. And he will. Love you. Love your soul.

And you will learn how to make him. Stay.

And hope.

Just be.

And you will stay.

So go ahead. Learn to accept. Your right to love.

Don’t push away. Or run away.


Copyright © whoisannawatts 2017


I don’t know where. You are. 

Or who you are. Anymore. 

But here. I am. 


Sans you. 

In. And out. 


Out. And in. 

And I don’t think. I ever stopped. 


You. Or anyone. 

Or me. 

So breathe. 

Here. With me. 

Copyright © whoisannawatts 2017


Oh gosh. You’re sublime. He said. 

And then he turned. Into a monster. With half a heart. Wretched by love. By pain. By fear. 

And left it bleeding. In your hands. 

And you. 

You tried to heal it. With love. Patience. Kindness. But couldn’t. For it was not for you to heal. 

And so it goes. The story. The unfolding. The damage. Done. 

As the monster in him. Conflicted. Tormented. Haunted. Tried to destroy you. 

But you. 

You will have none of it. 

Because a clumsy oaf of a fool. Deserves not an ounce. Of you. 

Of beautiful. Delicious. Sublime. You. 

Copyright © whoisannawatts 2016


All Hallows Eve. The Devil returns. To haunt your heart. 

To tear at your flesh. Your human flesh. To remind you. That once upon a time. You loved. 

But never again. For love of flesh. Is never love. But lust. 

So you walk a path. Of the dead. The haunted. The darkest of darkness. 

For they know not. That you have sold. Your soul. To the Devil. A decade now. Your master. 

Because you never thought. A boy who lived by the cross. Could hurt you. The way a monster could. 

And every moon. Upon All Hallows Eve. He feasts again. On your bloodstained heart. A ghost of haunted past. 

So say a prayer. And laugh not. At their naivety. Nor yours. 

For on All Souls Day. You resurrect. To breathe again. To be. 

And one day shall. Love again. A love of beating heart. 

Copyright © whoisannawatts 2016

southern boy

Open your heart to me.
And I will show you a world. Beyond your understanding.
Where love exists. Without boundaries.
Do you dare?

Fight distance or space or time. Or the labels they insist on.


I miss the vibrations of your voice. Dancing on my skin. Like echoes in the night. Silent in your absence.

So I’ll trace the outline. Of your silhouette.
And bring you home. To me.


And open your heart to me.
And I will show you a world. Beyond your understanding.
Where love exists. Without boundaries.
Do you dare?

Naked. And loved.
Just you.
And me.
And nothing else.

Copyright © whoisannawatts 2016

bleeding brilliance


You’re bleeding brilliance. He said.
Writer that you are.
Words like bullets.
Shoot to my heart.

And I am floored.
And so was he.

I know your soul. More than you know. He said.
More than they. And them. And you.

Overwhelmed. Am I. Is he.

I miss you. New York. Us.

And how do you convey. The beat of your jetlagged heart. Halfway across the globe.

But my love.
Look at you.
You are already better the poet than you believe.

And I am brilliant. Because of you.

Copyright © whoisannawatts 2016

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