a christmas miracle

You need.
A Christmas miracle.
To breathe again.
Exhausted. From battles fought.
But the war is not over.

And it’s the waiting.
That kills.

Waiting for you.

Waiting for me.

Waiting for self.
For others.

And him.
And her.
And they.
And them.

And no one.

The mad waiting.
For things. To fall into place.
As you have already seen.

Waiting. For the rest of the world.
To catch up.
To what you already know.

And time.
Is simply a superfluous wasp of air.
Lost on its journey.
To nowhere.
And you watch it.
And laugh at the absurdity of how it has caught you.
Allowed it to strangle you.
Silly little man made nothingness.

But you wait.
You ridiculous being.

For a Christmas miracle.

Copyright © whoisannawatts 2017


grey sky morning

On a grey sky morning, you woke.
In a different place.
Away from home.
Sounds of the city.
Fourteen floors down.
Familiar but strange to you.

The storms the night before had ravaged the city.
Left the weak. For dead.

And you. Had left your heart.
To join the dead.
Unbeknownst to you.
Bled dry.
From lies that they had told.
The ones who served only themselves.
So you had raised the white flag.

September had come and gone.
And so did, too, the weeks that followed.
Until finally a twist to cross your paths.
Once more.

And he. Is the last of the saviors you ever imagined.
But here he is. Inspiring you.

To write.
To breathe.
To bleed.

And you shall.
You will.
You have.
One grey sky morning.

Copyright © whoisannawatts 2017

miracle of happenstance

At the corner of hope and happenstance.
I stood.

At the corner of hope and happenstance.
You walked into my life.

But if you asked. The gods will tell you.
That at the corner of hope and happenstance.
Is exactly where.

A miracle of happenstance happened.

Copyright © whoisannawatts 2017

empress of pleasure

Switch off the world.
Stroke your beast.
Wake him.
It’s time to play.

Come inside.
My garden of Eden.
Explore your bearings.
Satiate your hunger.
Drive yourself mad.


At the thought of the taste.
The touch.
The sensation.
Of all that is here.
For your taking.

Growl your passion.
Snarl your desire.
Rip my garden apart.
In your desperation. To find peace.
Breathe. Beast.
Fear not.
For I am fearless.
And I will tame. Your wounded heart.

For I am.
The empress of pleasure.

Copyright © whoisannawatts 2017


Hello you.
Golden boy.
Beam of light.
Shimmer your ray.
Across my soul.

Voice like honeycomb.
Touch like silk.
Heart of gold.
Calm as a deep breath.

Plunge myself into.
The sea of your brilliance.
Illuminate. Me.
Flirting with. The morning light.
Your light.

And I can’t say. I won’t miss you.
When you go.
For I will.
As if the very life. Of my soul.
Has been ripped from me.

So I’ll bleed my heart.
Across your soul.
But you.
You will feel. Nothing.

So for now. We love.

And for now. I stand.
Naked and vulnerable.
To let your light in.
And drive out the darkness.

Copyright © whoisannawatts 2017


A soul connects with a soul.
In some cosmic twist of fate.
So begins a seduction bold.
A curiosity to satiate.

Where one believes. But not the other.
Of metaphysical connections.
And so agrees to love a lover.
And bond with pure intentions.

So flesh to flesh and skin on skin.
As air and earth collide.
And perceptions move from deep within.
Until lust eventually subsides.

But love is love though unconditional.
Love is though not blind.
Where vessels meet. But while not functional.
For solace both shall find.

Love. A tiny four letter word.
Possessing infinite power.
Is shelved as completely absurd.
Before sweetness becomes sour.

And when you leave. For the snow.
When birds fly south for sun.
I’ll bask in the memory of your glow.
As if time had just begun.

I’ll pray to the gods who crossed our paths.
And believed in this, our unity.
Regardless of the aftermath
That our goodbyes would be.


Copyright © whoisannawatts 2017


These are the moments.
The best moments.
Pleasure perfect. And pure.

So sweet. The taste.
Of light. Pure light.
On the tip of your tongue.

Delicious shimmer.
Sparkling through.
Bubbling like champagne.

Savor true. Every moment.
On the precipice.
Of the jump.

Giggles and hearts a flutter.
In anticipation. Of a touch.

Before skin on skin. Graze. And laze.
Pulsate. Lubricate. Procreate.

And the innocence of the moment.
Is lost.

Copyright © whoisannawatts 2017

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