the den

Sailor come home. Voyages gone.

Endless summers. Island horizons.

Take me to. The Den.

Within a heartbeat of. Hello.

Eyes lock. Aura radiating.

Souls connecting. From lifetimes before.

City lights play colors. On glass windows.

Painting a backdrop to the silhouette. Of you. Six foot three. Strong stance. God of sea. And oceans sailed.

Air. Around us.

Earth. Beneath our feet.

Fire. Within our hearts.

DJ spins. Please don’t. Stop the music.

Legs. Yours. Mine. We lust.

Skin brushing.

And a hug. To end all hugs.

Leaves you. Breathless. Wanting more.

Follow thy heart. It leads you home.

To me.

Copyright © whoisannawatts 2015

rings of saturn

Would you be. The one. Who.

Sighs my heart. In ecstasy.

On the rings. Of Saturn.

On the belt. Of Orion.

On the wings. Of Pegasus.

Shall we soar. To the north star.

To the moon. And back.

Cross the Sea of Tranquility.

Climb the mountains. Of Kilimanjaro.

Trek the desert. Of Sahara.

Drive the oceans to cry. Tears of joy.

Freeze the fires of hell. Oust the fallen angel.

Love like love. Had never existed. Before.

In the history. Of space. Time. Love.

And us.

After all these years. My love.

For I would.

Would you.

Copyright © whoisannawatts 2015


Bearded. Beautiful. Boy.

Caught me. With your. Baby blues.

As I pause. Mid sentence.

And so did you. A heartbeat. As the moment breathes.

A first. Look.

Yours. Mine.


How very absolutely. Delicious.

To savor. On the tip. Of a tongue.

And the world. Stops spinning.

For a moment. Interrupted.

Copyright © whoisannawatts 2015

letter to anna (reprise)

Beloved heart. Why do you try. When there is a brick wall. Hell bent on bleeding you down.

Why do you insist on loving. When there is no love. To be found.

Where do you find the strength. To connect. With those who refuse.

Who violate not understand. And continue to confuse.

So let it break. Let it bleed. Let it crash and burn.

For if it was meant. You would not be the only one who yearned.

For not you. Not him. Not her. Not them. But they. Will show you a blessing. Once more.

A sweetness divine. You could not ignore.

For they have once. And they will again. Gift you with a love. Without disdain.

Steadfast. Doubtless. As your beloved heart. Can be.

A soul to hold a sword as you. Not he.

Beloved heart. Dear Anna. Trust. Completely. Be.

Copyright © whoisannawatts 2015

a different place

A different place. A different time.

And it could have been.



Absolute sensational.


Classic insensitive fools. Recognize not. Love. In its first instance.

And take. Give not. Demanding beast.

What ego do you bear. What selfish soul you host.

After brutally. Breaking a heart.

With weaponed words.

To return. Come home. Remorseless.

And assume. You have a place.

At all.

Copyright © whoisannawatts 2015

shaken not stirred

Martini thoughts.

Moscato nights.

Candied apple kisses.

Lost tracks.

Warrior scorned.

Come home. To strawberry bubblegum nights.

Love always. Betrays us.

Even fools know.

Love would have saved. Your soul. As love did. That dawn.

So acknowledge. The chemistry.

Give love.


Expect not.

A moment beyond. The now.

Don’t fight it.

But stand.


Not stirred.


Copyright © whoisannawatts 2015

aqua notes

Morning showers. Never were.

Never had been. Never will be.

Moments lost. Before they even. Began.

Begging for a replay. As the gods. Laugh in your face.

What happened.

A brick wall. Droplets of aqueous thoughts. Seeping through. The cracks.

But random acts. Of kindness. That will scar a heart. Bleed a wound.

A moment of. Unusual madness.

Angel blessed. Gone too soon.

A collision of. Two opposites. From different worlds.

A heart. That asked for a knight. With a heart. To heal. To be. Within.

A moment. High. That drove. His heart. To steal a sunrise.

For you. Just for you.

How beautiful. It melted. Your heart.

And gave you a reason. For random thoughts.

Scribbled on.

Aqua notes.

That never saw. Light of day.

That never lived. Morning showers.

That he loved. That fired. Your creativity. Your positivity.

That he loved.

That drove. One selfless loving act.

You’re not as cold. As you think you are. Mister.

But a knight who ceases. To fight for a cause. Is a knight. Who exiles himself.

Ride away. On your charcoal stallion.

Let the sadness be. For he will never. Understand.

So breathe.

And hold onto. The memory. Of what was once. Beautiful.

As you watch.

Liquid love. Trickle. Into nothingness.

Morning showers. Wash the bleed. Of a heart.

Down the drain.

Copyright © whoisannawatts 2015


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