the warrior and the healer

Once upon a time. Lived a warrior. Yhtomit. In his same tribe. There lived a healer. Anin.

For battles fought, Yhtomit would return home to Anin. Seek her out. To heal him. She was loving. Compassionate. Yin. Unconditional.

He was grounded. Brave. Strong. Yang.

Her touch could soothe his savaged heart. Her voice calm his restless mind. Her energy inspire his jaded soul. And her skin like balm against his tired body.

Anin loved Yhtomit. Like no other. As if one flame burning as a beacon in the night sky. She would wait. As loyal healer to her warrior. For every drawn out battle. For his return. Like a compass to his soul.

Yhtomit loved Anin. But was confused. Other healers would walk his path, seduce him with their eyes. Tempted to leave but never did, he continued to return to Anin. As if drawn to her by a higher power. Through destiny. Fate. And a divine calling.

And so their journey remained. As their hearts loved. And Anin would wait. Patient as the Earth spins. She loved.

And Yhtomit would leave. Return. Leave. Return. As the moon dips and rises. He loved. But still confused.

Until one day, Yhtomit was called away to battle. In the land beyond the mountains that peak above the clouds. A journey for a moon and a half before he would join the other warriors. And then a journey for a moon and a half before he would be by Anin’s side again.

And so they parted.

And on his solitary journey. Against the elements of the Earth. Against vast of sky and terrain, Yhtomit missed his Anin. His body yearned her touch. His soul ached her wisdom. His spirit craved her compassion.

And even in battle. Wounded yet brave. Tired yet strong. Jaded yet stable. With Anin in mind to inspire him. Always.

So he decided. Upon his return. He would pledge allegiance to her. His heart bleed only for her. Until the coming of time in itself. To the ends of the world.

But for three moons of travel and many moons of battle, when Yhtomit finally returned home to his tribe. He discovered.

Death. Destruction. Decay.

Victims to a cataclysmic pillage of a neighboring tribe.

And his Anin. Lost forever in death.

And so Yhtomit promised to live a solitary life. No other healer ever lived in his heart ever again. And vowed. He would return in lifetimes beyond to seek out his one true love. Until he found his Anin again.

This is the story of the warrior and the healer.

Copyright © whoisannawatts 2014


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